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Product description

“Named for its super frosty appearance, Snowman packs a high that’s perfect for a lazy afternoon when you want to kick back and just let yourself get lost in thought. You’ll feel happy and lifted from start to finish with a touch of creative energy that gets you thinking about things – what has been, what is and what could be. As you fall in and out of this super introspective state, you’ll feel a touch of physical relaxation pull you back to the real world without any sedation whatsoever. Snowman is best for treating experienced patients with appetite loss, depression, chronic stress or anxiety and migraines or headaches. This has a super spicy diesel flavor with a hint of sweet vanilla that lingers on your tongue. The aroma is of earthy diesel and spicy kush with an herbal overtone.” -Allbud.com

Sauce Citrus  Diesel  Focused  Happy  Lime Relaxed Sativa Sleepy Snow man Spicy/Herbal THC

Uplifted Vanilla

Snowman is a unique phenotype of GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) with mysterious origins. Some online sources claim Berner — rapper and friend of Wiz Khalifa — first propagated the cut, while Emerald Family Farms has a version with the same name. Regardless of origin, Snowman is so named for its heavy coat of trichomes, giving it the appearance of being covered in fresh snow. The strain features a sweet flavor similar to GSC, with an earthy Kush-laden fragrance sweetened by vanilla notes.


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